Welcome to the Bannockburn

Dear Clanners, beloved visitors,

he game we play is an Online Football Manager game called Hattrick.
For more information you can visit their website at http://www.hattrick.org.

Each season we have our own Bannockburn Freedom League. Ofcourse only Clanners can joy that. After a groupstage with 4 teams the numbers 1 and 2 participate in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup. *
The 2 worst teams from the groupgames will fight for the Wooden Spoon.
At the end we have a Champions Winner and a UEFA winner. Those winners play on the Fields of Bannockburn for the Supercup.

The BFL-staff has the following members:
Eddie_the_Brave, McMauren, McRasmus, Steve O buckenhagen and strandman.
Of course a tournement needs rules. You can read them clicking in the menu.

* According with the number of teams involved, some editions we can have some changes to the main rules.
Please check out our Clan's Forum for more info.



the Bannockburn Command Group



Our Founder

Hello travellers,

Robert the Bruce fought for Freedom in the Year of Lord 1314.
the Bannockburn Clan is fighting in his name and for Friendship from 2007, as free men as we are. JOIN THE FREEDOM LEAGUE AND YOU WILL TASTE THIS SWEET FEELING!"

McMauren, Founder.

Resemblance to real persons

Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

Meet us at:




JSN UniForm


Hello Clanners, Friends, Travellers

Welcome to the official Site of the FREEDOM LEAGUE,
the Cup tournament of the Bannockburn-Clan! (55827)

Just stop a little while with us and enjoy a warm welcome into our world, a world made of nice feelings, Friendship and Freedom.

Join us also into hattick.org, the one and only
Online-Footballmanager Game! Sit down, and relax with us into our Clan's Forum, where you'll be able to know a lot of special friends which we call Clanners. Take a beer in our Rat Pack, the Federation's piano bar, or have deep chatting sessions into our Classroom. You are welcome, because we are a Band of Brothers.

yours Clan Chief Eddie the Brave


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JEvents CustomModule

Hattrick Organizer.

You can download HO here:


Helper Tool for online-manager Hattrick (www.hattrick.org)
Please visit https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/ho1/ or our CHPP forum at Hattrick to get support, report bugs or request features.
For questions about the program please check our user guide first: http://ho1.sourceforge.net/wiki/.


The Gaelic Cup

Our Scottish teams have their own Tournement. Its called:
"The Gaelic Cup".
Its played in Tournement rules from Hattrick.


Read more about the Gaelic Cup. Click here.


What happened in Münich stays in Münich !!!
Or not ???

Be free to take a look at all the beautiful pictures.
Just Click me !!

Scottish youth competition

All the news about our Scottish Youth Competiion.

This years Clan Champion:

Sons of Lothian

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